Monday, 23 September 2013

New Trainers

Wow good trainers cost a lot.

I bought some new running trainers over the weekend to see if it helps with the pain in my lower legs.The are a really big investment for me as I honestly cant throw that sort of money around lightly and they are now my most expensive pair of shoes.
I also paid extra for custom made inserts which I will come to in a minute.

I went to Sweatshop which is my local running shop. They also sponsor the half marathon that I am hoping to take part in early next year. They establish what the best running shoe is for you by taking you through several different exercises. 

Firstly you stand on a mirrored screen that highlights the areas of your foot that you have the most pressure on. they then take a picture of the back of your legs to see where your achilles is to also help asses you running stance. At this point they then make a custom innersole. You don't have to purchase it but they make it anyway so you can see how it feels in any shoes you try on.
The young girl that helped me showed me several different pairs a listened to me when I advised what I was looking for in my shoe. One of my requests was that it be a wide shoe. 
The first pair I tried on where very comfy. I had the opportunity to try them on a treadmill. My running was also recorded onto the computer so the staff member could show me how they preformed and point out anything that I might need to be careful of when running. 

Even though they where very comfy for a first pair I tried on. I could feel them cut slightly across the top of the toes. Normally for such a small discomfort I wouldn't worry about it, but these are suppose to the one pair of shoes I spend out on for the most comfort so I did mention the slight discomfort to her. She found me a pair which came in a wide fitting along with several other pairs that I could have tried on.

The wide fitting New Balance shoes felt extremely comfortable when I tired them on. I tried them on the treadmill and felt no pinching at all. I tried them without the custom innersoles and I could feel the difference. SO these where the ones I chose.

I didn't see much point in trying any of the others on, but the staff member would have spent as much time as I needed making sure I felt happy with my purchase. 
In the pictures below, the red innersoles are the original New Balance ones and the Pink ones are the custom made ones. I can only describe the custom made innersoles as feeling like you trusty old pair of trainers that you don't want to throw out compared the New Balance ones that obviously have that new trainer feel.

I've tried to take pictures so you can see they are made of different material. Unfortunately there not much difference visually as I have a neutral foot and pronate normally. 

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