Friday, 13 September 2013

Disastrous cake

I thought I would surprise a friend with a cake for her birthday as she had already celebrated it and received her present a month earlier.

I should have given up at the start.

I used a recipe I've used a few times and has always been fool proof for me. The morning started with the first cake to be baked taking twice as long as norm to cook through.  Don't know why.

Then later one of them broke whilst trying to manoeuvre it onto the cooling rack.

I then decided to try something I've not made before.  A chocolate ganache to go between the cake and the icing.  This took forever to set.

I then iced it with fondant icing.

I had to rush off out to a meeting.  When I returned the whole back of the cake had collapsed. 

By the following morning it was worse than the picture.  I'm glad I had it up against a wall otherwise the top would have slid right off the back. 

I think where I went wrong was rushing the ganache trying to get it to set and worked with it far yoo soon. 

Had I waited until maybe the morning to ice it and put the ganache on it may have been ok.

Oh well lesson learnt. I now know for next time.  I showed it to my friend in the end and she didn't mind. Just my pride a bit dented.

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