Sunday, 15 September 2013

Couch to 10k iPhone app

I decided to do some research into how is best to try and train.

Most training schedule's follow a similar pattern to the couch to 5k. To be honest Thursday night when I started I probably wasn't too different with my time running to walking.  Only I had nothing telling me to start/stop and I didn't time myself.  It was primarily a session to see where I was.

I started looking at all the c25k apps on iTunes.  (My normal phone is a Samsung Galaxy tab II, far too big to take out running with me. So I dug out my old iPhone 4) While looking I happened upon the couch to 10k app I figured as I'm actually training for a half marathon this might be a better training app. From what I can see,  it starts off on a similar routine to the c25k.

Today I started day 1 week 1. I took H out with me as I really want to show her that this is a good thing to do.  (She hates running) I wish my mum had done something like this with me. I might not be in the position I'm in now if I had learnt to enjoy keeping fit and making healthy choices.  I really hope I can show H how beneficial this can be.

Honestly it was hard. It was my ankles and lower legs that took the brunt of it. I found the time in between was enough to get my breath back but not enough to stop the pains in my legs. At the forth run I was glad to hear the voice on the app tell me I was half way. It really helped keep me going.  Seconds earlier I was thinking of extending the walking and missing the next run minute.  But I didn't I kept going not wanting to cheat myself on the first day.

H on the other hand hardly ran at all. Not sure why. She's fit and healthy.  Not carrying any weight. So she should have found this exercise easy. She hates running though.  I think I heard every excuse under the sun when it came to running.  "My foot itches" "my legs itchy" "I'm hot". I wasn't running that fast so it wasn't like she couldn't keep up just by walking fast.  It was nice having the company but I'm not sure if I'll take her again.  I do feel a little upset that she couldn't get into it though.

The app was great.  It told me when to start and stop. It also told me when to warm down and for how long.  I'm not sure I will be able to progress as fast as it suggests but I will try my best.  Worse case I redo a week a bit longer.

I just wish I could get past the pain at the moment. 

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