Sunday, 30 September 2012

Great Days

You know when you have had one of those great days and it leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?

It hasn't been a shout from the rooftops type of day. But I still love days like today. It's just been me and the girls mainly as hubby has been sleeping (night shifts again). And we have had a lazy day playing. Little Miss S used one of those push along walking toys for the first time. I'm so proud of her. If she's not walking by Christmas I will be very surprised.

She's not going to stay my baby for long that's for sure.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I breastfed Miss H until 12 weeks where due to peer pressure from friends and family and her being on me constantly I gave up. I regretted it almost immediately but I was young and went what I classed as the easy route.

Other than the constant feeding H was a dream to feed. She latched on properly from the moment she was put on my chest after the birth. She never gave me cracked or sore nipples. She fed every 4 hours and slept in between. Just a shame I suffered from PND and didn't appreciate it as much as what I probably should have done.

Little Miss S is a whole different matter. You really don't realise how different 2 babies can be until you have your own. She didnt latch on properly to begin with. She has given me sore cracked nipples and blisters. She wont sleep in the day. She wants constant attention.

Im still breastfeeding her even though she has put me through all of this though. I have found myself the proper support from BFN and we have now sailed pass all my mini targets. I started wanting to reach the 12 weeks at least again, but this time it was so much harder. at 5 weeks I was convinced she had TT but if she did no one could find it and diagnose it so I battled on through. We have had good weeks and we have had bad weeks. Ive been told by friends and family to give up but I didnt listen to them this time. I new I was going to give her the best start I could.

Monday, 24 September 2012


Birth is a scary thing to a first time Mum.

I had a horrible Pregnancy with DD1 I suffered Pre Natal Depression through out I had bad morning sickness through out. It really was horrid.

DD1 broke my waters at 4:30am So being a young first time mum hubby took me straight to maternity where they confirmed that my waters had broken then said they will probably send me home for 72hrs. They popped the monitor on me to check DD1 and noticed that her heart rate kept dipping. They assured me this was fine but to be on the safe side they will induce me.

Lunchtime came and they popped the drip into my hand and oh my did the contractions speed up. The gas and air made me dizzy and sick (hubby said I looked like Churchill the nodding dog) so being scared of what was still to come I opted straight for the epidural. 18:28 My DD1 was delivered.

I have always thought it was a rather tranquil birth. I always thought I was lucky (you hear real horror stories) I felt nothing I had a midwife tell me when to push. I thought to myself to push but didnt know if I was as I could feel nothing. Hubby was by my side holding my hand then my beautiful baby was handed to me where she then latched on perfectly.

Since having my 2nd my thought on that have changed. DD2 broke my waters at 3:30am I wanted to labour it out as much as possible at home as I was hopping to try and have a water birth. I phoned the hospital to see if they had one available and to tell them my waters had broke. I was then annoyed to be told I had to come straight in to be checked. We got to the hospital at 6:30am and they popped the monitor on me. Until 8:30 they tried to get a good monitor but it wasn't happening. they couldn't tell if her heart rate was dipping again or if they just couldn't get a good connection. They decided they where going to keep me in and try again in a couple of hours. They told us to go for a walk and get some breakfast. I used this time to come to terms that I wasn't going to get to labour it out at home and we got ourselves some bits to keep us going to what appeared to be a long day ahead of us. We got back to our room and was told they had changed there mind can I come back tomorrow morning unless things progress further naturally in the mean time.

Home we trotted and my contractions continued sporadic every 10 minutes through out the night. Enough to keep me awake all night but not enough to go back in. 8am came (the time they asked us to call to see if they were ready for us) and I phoned the hospital where they confirmed they had a free bed and were ready to induce me. There went my water birth.

DD2 did not go to the hospitals plan. I knew induction would bring contractions on harder and faster and I was now completely knackered from no sleep so asked if I could have the epidural again. The doctor was on ward rounds so we would have to wait for her then the aneasatist was in on an emergency so there would be waiting for her. By the time the Dr came to put the bit in the back of my hand (Im needle phobic so the midwife didnt want to do it) I was 2 minutes apart with my contractions I was breathing through them and the only pain killer I had was a Diamorphine jab that was quickly wearing off. The midwife decided it was probably best to wait for the epidural before putting the induction in.

All the way through this I had a niggle in the back of my head I wasnt going to get this induction or epidural. Just after the Dr left I really needed a wee I had been drinking lots of water all morning the Midwife allowed me to take the monitor off to go to the loo. While in there I had another 2 strong contractions and thought if I dont make it back to the bed now Im going to have this baby down the loo.

I just made it to the edge of the bed before a 3rd strong contraction came. I said to the midwife I can feel her pushing down shes coming. the midwife said she needs to check I mustn't push but I had no control this baby was pushing down whether I liked it or not. Within 2 minutes my baby was here the midwife tried to call for assistance to try and help me get back fully onto the bed but before anyone got there I had had the baby.

I loved the birth of my DD2 It was just me hubby and 1 midwife (not the 8people in DD1 birth) DD2 was born at 12:51 lunch time. We were all in the car going home to see her big sister at 16:30 and I recovered so much faster. I was buzzing from the experience for weeks. My friends couldn't believe how fast I was home and had recovered.

If we ever have a 3rd I will defiantly be putting the epidural off and maybe be a bit more forceful about that water birth

Where Do I Start

Hi I'm a Mum of 2 beautiful girls one age 7years and another 7months.

Thought I would share my ups and downs of being a Mum. We all have them but sometimes you can feel a little alone while going through them.

Miss H DD1 is a true tribute to my husband and I. She is doing very well at school got above average in all her SAT's back in May and is now tackling junior school. Don't get me wrong she is no angel. I just wish she would stop with all her tantrums and learn to tidy her room.

Little Miss S DD2 is growing up way to fast. She's crawling and starting to stand up by herself using the sofa already. H didn't crawl until she was 8months. I can't believe how fast this year is going. Hubby and I waited 6 years for this (I have Poly Cystic Ovaries) and she is not going to stay my baby for long.